Hi, let me introduce myself,
My name is Patrick de Vleeschauwer, born in Antwerp Belgium and now living in the Netherlands

I started in photography long time ago, with an old Voïgtlander camera and black and white rolls of 12 negatives.
Seeing an image appear on the paper in the analog period was an amazing experience and analogue photography still has a little nostalgic draw to me.
Even though Photography started very long ago for me, it faded away for many years, until digital camera’s made their entrance.
A wide array of digital compacts came and went, some Sony’s ( with diskette) a Fuji FinePix and until i went for a “DSLR” , a Canon 10D.
With the renewed interest came the drive to learn and get better, so i did some courses and a lot of workshops.

After multiple Canon bodies and glassware i made the switch back to Sony, full-frame mirrorless a few years ago. I love gear but gear only does not make your work better.
Major improvement is -beside better technique- to develop another view at your surroundings, i look at the world in 2 by 3 squares, I see the world in photographs.
When asked what my favorite subject is, I have none! I love the city at night with all the lights, but i live in a village very near to nature so many landscapes will pass.
Since 2018 I discovered traveling by RV and while traveling i love to explore the surroundings so expect some more travel series in the next years…

Enjoy looking around and feel free to contact me with any questions.

Patrick de Vleeschauwer